File List Rename

File List Rename Utility

To select the CSV file as a template containing the list of files to be renamed, one can type in the name, paste it from the clipboard or select it browsing for the file. The most convenient way however is to open Windows Explorer and to drag and drop it from there. The default name is "C:\FileNamesExport.csv".

The name for the log file can be specified in a similar way. The default name is "C:\FileListRenameRestore.csv".

One can specify the option "allow new names equal to some old names". That option can be checked when one needs to rename a file, where the new name is equal to the old name of an existing file during the process of renaming. If that option is not checked it might help you to avoid some unpleasant errors.

The column separator is usually "," or ";", the way it is defined in Regional Settings. You can check its value in Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Customize - List Separator. If you need to, you can change it there or you can replace it in the input CSV file with Notepad.

All the files for which the new filename is set just to "D" will be deleted and sent to the Recycle Bin.

One can restore all the deleted files from the Recycle Bin and one can restore all the old names of the renamed files using the generated log file as a CSV template file.